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Our Story...

The education of every child in muchende village is very important to the foundation. We cherish their future and wish the very best for each child. We intend that parents, guardians, and children benefit from all our effort and their efforts as a whole.

Screenshot (329)_edited.jpg


This was our foundation building. We needed to start from somewhere and thus decided to have a building we could temporarily use for lessons.

Drawing water

Before Edu-Kids' introduction, most of the children were mostly involved in more community work and never had the opportunities for education as they do now. 

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Screenshot (326).png

Lessons Under a Tree

After the introduction of the Edu-Kids Foundation, we needed a way to introduce our objective to the community. Therefore, we decided not to wait for infrastructure but instead start to give the children an education experience right away.

Building of a bigger classroom

After a while, we raised some funds to build a bigger classroom as a foundation. This was to ensure we could accommodate more children.

Screenshot (327).png
Screenshot (330).png

Lessons in the 1st completed classroom block

Now that the 1st classroom block was completed, the children could and are able to learn in a more conducive environment.

Edu-Kids Poster

With the increase in the number of children, we decided to put up a poster so that more people from the village and community could easily identify the location of the community school in progress. 

Screenshot (328).png
Screenshot (321).png

Buying of Desks

After a while, the foundation was able to purchase some locally made desks that the children could use to properly learn and write everything they were being taught.

Growing Community

With time, the number of children enrolled in the Edu-Kids' Foundation program has grown. We are happy and continue to look forward to a bigger number that we can educate and provide the opportunity that most of their guardians never had.

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