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Community Involvement

Edu-kids Community is full of enthusiastic members who are willing to bring development to muchende village and its community. This way, everyone gets involvement and develops one final objective, to ensure every one of their children gets the opportunity to learn in better environment facilities. 

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Brick Molding 

The parents have come together to mold bricks for the new projects. We want to put up teacher houses as we have been given 3 teachers during the just ended recruitment process.

Classroom Cleaning

The parents are always supportive. cleaning the classrooms before the pupils open school. Edu-Kids supports the school with a bag of cement so we can put a floor in the classrooms.

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Brick Mold

The community is enthusiastic to build classrooms for the children.

Roofing of the classrooms

This is how far we have gone. The roofing is finally completed and the children will no longer learn in the sun or rain. Thank you to all supporting partners

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End of year celebration

Edu-Kids holds an annual celebration where the kids, their parents or gurdians come together and have a meal with the edu-kids team.

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